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Meet our

Finding Focus

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- Don't Let ADHD Hold You Back

Any Longer  -

Virtual ADHD Clinic

A Brand by MoralityMed Inc.

$399 CAD

One-time fee for diagnosis

and treatment plan

Payment plans available

($99 per month over 5 months)

There are no labels or stigma at Finding Focus. Our team of licensed, expert clinicians will take your diagnostic appointment on the same or next day, and follow best-practices of care so you can move forward with clarity.

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Blue Sky Learning's Offer:

Book a Free Consultation with ADHD Coach Maddy (she/her) to secure a $25 rebate towards your total assessment price.


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Psychotherapy Matters

A collaboration based platform
for better mental health care

We will connect you and your therapist with a psychiatrist and get you on the path to feeling your best.

We link therapists and their clients with psychiatrists/mental health physicians and family doctors through a secure online care platform, known as our Virtual Collaboration program.


With the client’s consent, psychotherapy providers can request a referral from the family physician and book a psychiatric consultation. Psychotherapy providers attend all consultations to remain updated on the client’s care.


Psychiatrists/mental health physicians are an extension of the psychotherapy provider’s practice, offering medication recommendations (that the family doctor can refill and monitor) and clinical diagnoses.


Blue Sky Learning's Offer:

Book a Free Consultation with Psychotherapist (Qualifying) Rebecca (she/her) Member of PMVC (Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic/Collaboration) to learn more about this exciting and affordable opportunity.


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Adult ADHD Centre

The Adult ADHD Centre is a leading assessment centre that provides the most affordable assessments across Canada.

Led by Dr. Parhar, who actively treats

individuals with ADHD.

Adult ADHD Assessment

for $300 CAD

Blue Sky Learning is a Listed AuDHD Coaching Service Provider recognized by the Adult ADHD Centre.


Learn more about assessment here:

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Blue Sky Learning's Offer:

Book a Free Consultation with AuDHD Coach Kim/Em (they/them) to see if coaching would be a fit alongside your

assessment journey. 


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