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Blue Sky Learning

Hi there!

My name is Dana Daniels (she/her) M.Ed., OCT & I'm the founder and CEO of Blue Sky Learning™.

Building Blue Sky Learning™ Tkaronto/Toronto-based services has been my entrepreneurial dream of a lifetime. I desired to cultivate an inclusive space where equity, diversity & wellbeing thrive. My lived-experience, local teaching roles, international leadership & extensive experience supporting disabled folks, were all foundational moments embedded into the development of this initiative for accessibility. 


In terms of disrupting the norms, I held a Business Baby Shower to celebrate being a woman entrepreneur to showcase the multitude of ways women can be celebrated for milestones in society. I strongly believe my own struggles with disability impacts and witness to the stigma around mental health and suicide prevention throttled me forward into this pivotal moment for change.

My team members embody values of compassion, empathy, and person-centred approaches. We give the opportunity for students, professionals, parental guardian(s), and educators to connect with us regarding individual concerns & areas of growth. We strive to provide service where clients feel safe, supported & intersectionally understood. We reduce stigma & shame cycles, deepen client understanding of internalized ableism & empower areas of avoidance to increase your personal value of motivation.

Thanks so much for stopping in because that in itself is progress!

Blue Sky Learning Vision, Mission, Values Postcard Handout (2).png
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