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Meet our
board of directors


Dana Daniels, M.Ed., OCT

Founder and CEO of

Blue Sky Learning

From local & international teaching experience to working within the postsecondary sector, I'm an expert in supporting neurodivergent folks. Compassionate & driven, I developed this initiative for accessibility to ensure disability justice frameworks become current best practice and change the pervasive ableist landscape. 

Blue Sky Learning aims to raise awareness and promote understanding of neurodiversity, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their neurological differences. From innovative insights into cognitive strengths to practical strategies for integrating diverse perspectives in our approaches, partnerships will gain invaluable knowledge that can transform their approach to teamwork, communication,
and problem-solving, alongside supporting a great cause. Supporting us aligns with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives and allows folks to commit to social responsibility and ongoing professional development.

Stay tuned for Blue Sky Learning community projects led by our talented Board of Directors!

Deena Kara Shaffer,

President (2nd Term)
Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC)

Bestselling Author of 

Feel Good Learning: On how to prioritise, focus, study, and learn everything better

Deena Kara Shaffer, PhD is a nationally sought out learning strategist. Best-selling author of “Feel Good Learning”, keynote speaker, adjunct faculty (Toronto Metropolitan University), senior education administrator (York University), and founder of Awakened Learning, offering learning strategy coaching to students, parents, and professionals.


Deena is devoted to making less suffering, and (much!) more ease, access, success, and joy in all things learning and teaching.



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Marc Proudfoot, M.Ed., OCT

Faculty Liaison

Pedagogy & Curriculum
University of Toronto


Marc is a Coordinator in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office and supports the Campus Curriculum Review process at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He is a retired  Ontario Certified Teacher with over 26 years of teaching experience,  grounded in equitable, inclusive, and critical-oriented pedagogies, from the Toronto District School Board. Marc has a Master of Education in Language, Culture and Teaching from York University, and is an ADHD Life Coach in training.

Over the years, he has been a frequent volunteer at the Regent Park Film Festival and most recently at the imagineNative Film Festival and enjoys running, taking photos, learning, making connections, and working with people and organizations to grow, thrive, and encourage a sense of possibility. 

Haeila Vroye,



Management Consultant & Organizational Development
Boreala Management

Haeila loves learning, coaching, working collaboratively with others, and developing meaningful relationships. With over a dozen years of experience in various fields and with different types of organizations, she is a passionate consultant, educator and management professional.  


As an inclusive team player and leader, Haeila creates a safe environment for everyone and where participants’ buy-in is strong and in alignment with best practices. She thrives in leadership and organizational development, operational and organizational efficiency management, and diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.


Adventurer at heart, Haeila has travelled and worked in over 25 countries where she immersed herself in the local culture, food and activities. Quiet reading, surfing, snow and dune boarding, rock climbing and glacier hiking, she loves it all!


Having embraced her neurodivergence and learning how to make it work for her, Haeila knows how important having access to shared knowledge and experience, a safe space, and support is for one's development. This is why she is proud to bring her experience and serve as a Board member of Blue Sky Learning.

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