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Meet our consultants




Founder of Blue Sky Learning

ADHD & ASD Coach

Academic Strategist

Educational Consultant

From local & international teaching experience to working within the postsecondary sector, I'm an expert in supporting neurodivergent folks. Compassionate & driven, I co-create the best plan for you to reach your goals & understand the barriers along the way. Check out our free group sessions as well! I'd love to meet you and just know you are deserving of support!


ADHD Coach

Family Coaching

Queer Partnerships Coaching

(ethical non-monogamy ENM &

polyamorous/polyam relationships welcomed)

Corporate Trainer

I'm passionate about supporting and destigmatizing the way people view and experience neurodivergence. My primary goals as a coach are to empower folks to recognize their intrinsic worth and building systems together to address the rest. I believe that everyone is sovereign and worthy of meaningful support, compassion and respect. I have a diverse background in supporting and advocating for children, youth and families from varied levels of intersecting experiences and systemic marginalization. Should we walk this path together, you can expect to be treated with unconditional acceptance, patience and understanding. 




ADHD Coach

Educational Consultant

As an educator with over 25 years of experience in Student Success, Special Education & Employment Support, I strive to understand each learner's unique profile. I have worked extensively with youth & adults with ADHD and I recently discovered my own diagnosis of ADHD. This personal insight has driven me to develop deeper understanding of the gifts & challenges neurodiversity presents. I am passionate about helping you find meaning & connection in your daily life. I look forward to our journey together!

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